Cloud Transformation

What is a Cloud Transformation?

Cloud Transformation somewhat, is the facilitation of the whole transformation of a business. To attain this, companies focus more on cloud migration, optimization, strategy management, data analytics, and security to become more flexible.

As technology is constantly evolving and the kind of manner corporations do business, the only way that your company becomes cost-effective is to comply with those advancements. Cloud transformation will give your company scalability, increase efficiency and cost savings which are only a few of the infinite benefits.

By the end of 2021, 94% of enterprise businesses will have made the shift to cloud technology.

How cloudEQ Leverages Transformation Services and Helps Businesses

Our team uses cloud-native services to transform traditional server systems using microservices, PaaS and SaaS solutions. We understand that each cloud transformation is unique, which is why we spend time with your team and systems to learn about your business and create a custom transformation plan unique to your business. We stay up-to-date with ever-changing cloud technology to ensure we have the proper knowledge and tools to facilitate a cloud transformation of any size.

Our Transformation and Migration Process






Beginning with an evaluation of the current environment and desired state, we will consider a multi-platform solution as well as understand data requirements and security & availability needs for financial systems. The team will assemble an architecture design, migration strategy and project plan for review. Once finalized we can implement the plan and adhere to a strict communication plan to mitigate risk and ensure business goals are met. Finally, we will transition the steady state environment over to an internal team for ongoing management or that responsibility can be retained by cloudEQ.

Our Innovative Partners

We work to build strong partnerships that benefit the cloud transformation process. Our team is lucky to work with some of the most accomplished partners in the cloud technology space to deliver the best cloud transformation services to our customers. 

Cloud Solutions

Check out how cloud computing and managed cloud services from cloudEQ business solutions help in transforming the IT environment with best-in-class cloud services, accelerate and automate processes, and improves business performance.

Why You Should Choose cloudEQ’s Cloud Transformation Services

cloudEQ works with enterprise businesses to complete complex cloud transformations and migrations. Our focus is to help develop a cloud adoption strategy tailored to meet your goals or work with you to evaluate your current model to improve performance and security, increase automation, reduce cost, and optimize your cloud environment. We would love to connect with you to see how we can help with your cloud transformation.

We use cloud-native services to transform traditional server systems using microservices, PaaS, and SaaS solutions.

We value our ability to adapt to an ever-changing data ecosystem. Growing with it is paramount, and we can facilitate that growth, pushing you to the apex of your business environment.

By turning existing monolithic architecture applications into microservices and containers, we make updates faster and eliminate the need to fabricate monolithically.

Pushing you to the apex of your business environment.

Benefits of cloudEQ

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